While it seems that bras and panties will never go out of fashion, the market could use a boost. Like all parts of our world economy, lingerie manufacturers are suffering too. Just last month, lingerie giant Maidenform announced that even this well-established company will cut jobs.

Britney Spears‘ latest concert tour will re-ignite the lingerie sales market. The stage show will feature a veritable plethora of bra tops and midriff-baring outfits. If you hadn’t seen bra tops on the fashion runways this year, when you see Spears’ show, you could be inspired.
Britney Spears lingerie front & center
One look that she puts on – and does justice to – is the traditional garb of the belly dancer. The bra top – while ornate and enticing – is not any more revealing than the average bathing suit top. The overall effect does a lot more for Spears’ womanly shape than the one-piece leotard, over which she wears a black patent panty and a multi-belt with Madonna-like (the singer, not the Biblical character) swirls over her breasts.

I’m not particularly a big fan of Spears, but she does seem to have her act much more together these days. The daily celebrity gossip detailing one episode of bad behavior after another has mercifully passed. While she does go over the top with a couple of her outfits, it is a stage show after all – and she looks pretty good overall.

We won’t discuss the pseudo police garb though, will we?

We’ve talked about the new bra top trend this year. While not all of us have the abs (or personal trainer or personal cook or fleet of handlers to organize and manage our day) like Spears has, we can still toy with this fashion revival. If you don’t want to show too much skin, take a note from Spears’ show and wear a body suit – with the bra top over it. You’ll smooth out your shape and still have some fun with your clothes.