A closer fit for women who don’t fit the mold

One of the things that I am constantly reminded of, as an expert in all things lingerie, is that it’s all about fit. Unlike outer fashions, which have a bit more tolerance for variations in size, inner fashions depend on a close and comfortable fit. The better the fit, the more flattering the garment.

This means that women who aren’t exactly a 38B or are just about a 34C, can be frustrated with their bras – especially molded bras or seamed bras which should fit exactly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get something in a half size when you want a perfect, form-fitting undergarment?

Well, your wish is my command. Or, should I say, there are people in the lingerie business who are listening to the needs of women. While they are hard to find, you can actually find bras in half-sizes!

Playtex – a familiar name to virtually any woman on the planet – now has two bra collections which fit women more closely. They are the Thank Goodness It Fits® and Half Sizes Too™ collections.

Both of these collections tend to have a young feel to them – but there are definitely grown up bras here.

Thank Goodness It Fits has a couple of items that are lovely for a woman who wants to look like a woman. My first suggestion is the Super Soft Microfiber Underwire. Here’s an underwire bra designed for comfort. I’d consider this a great everyday bra; it should suit most fashions and is perfect for under office attire. For when you are feeling like you want to wear something special, I’d recommend the X-Treme Lace™ Underwire Bra. This bra is sexy without flash – the demi cups help to enhance the female shape while the lace accents add femininity.

The other Playtex collection is the Half Sizes Too line. This line doesn’t appeal to me as much as the Thank Goodness It Fits line, but still has a couple of winners that I’d recommend for women looking for half-sizes. My first pick is the Oh So Seamless™ Wire-Free Bra. This is another great everyday bra with nice shaping – but without the underwire. My second choice is for women who are looking to enhance their bustline. It is the Add A Size – Wirefree. Since many women prefer wire-free bras, this is another great option.