I’ve been reading up lately on the case of British supermarket giant Tesco selling padded plunge bras aimed at girls as young as 7 years old.

The bra, which sells for the equivalent of about $10 US, is receiving heavy criticism by both children’s groups and teachers worldwide.

Back in 2006, Tesco struggled with the same groups of activists when they released a children’s pole dancing kit for little girls available for sale on their website. There were claims that the toy was “destroying children’s innocence.” Spokespersons from National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children say, “It is important that products accessible to children are appropriate to their age and understanding.”

There are concerns that young girls will be buying these “pocket money bras” without their mothers knowing. Thing is, the particular bra in question has been modeled on an adult’s plunge style – it has a very low bridge connecting the cups. This means the shape and position is lower to expose the breast tissue.

I think this is ridiculous. I agree with the parents and teachers on this one. A bra aimed at being sold to 7-year-old girls is inappropriate. Children should not be wearing bras until they reach puberty. Once a young girl begins wearing a bra, she will want to wear one daily. Little girls should be busy learning how to ride a bike or playing a game – and leave the dress-up for their dolls.

It is their time for personal development and independence. I think corporations should really stop a moment here and think about what they are really doing. Seems that making a few extra bucks wins this battle.