Shapewear Hits the Bra Market

Shapwear - or what our moms called girdles.

Shapewear is the newest (old) thing. Shapewear is simply the most recent reincarnation of girdles and corsets and all things designed to keep our jiggly bits in order.

Let’s be clear though: shapewear does not make you thinner. It simply smoothes out your curves and helps your clothing to lay flat. It’s that smooth silhouette that tricks the eye into making you look slimmer.

Personally, I’ll take an optical illusion when it comes to my figure!

Clearly, we are hooked on these things. Spanx is every woman’s newest best friend. In fact, Spanx has taken the shapewear market by storm. Spanx is a spectacular success story in a notoriously fickle market where shelf and display space is limited.

Interestingly enough, Spanx is simply shapewear based on the same knitting technology as hosiery. It’s nothing fancy in some ways, but benefits from a business entrepreneur who could think outside of the box.

Women everywhere know Spanx for its original product, the shapers for your “bottom line”. However, Spanx isn’t just sitting on its laurels. In fact, new products keep turning up all the time.

One of their latest additions is the “Bra-llelujah” underwire bra. It’s designed to hide back fat, because the band isn’t elastic, but hosiery – a trademark of the Spanx product line. The Bra-llelujah is very smooth, so it ends the dreaded VBL (visible bra lines).

Personally, I didn’t think that visible bra lines were so bad. But then, there was a time when visible panty lines weren’t so bad either.

Another bonus is that the Bra-llelujah underwire closes in the front, so there are no back closures to dig in.

If you are heavier busted, you won’t be able to get the underwire version in your size. However, the “Bra-llelujah! All-Hosiery Comfort Bra” goes up to DD in many band widths and could be a nearly perfect sleep or leisure bra. As an all hosiery item, it has no clasps or closures of any kind and no wires or edges to cut. In addition, the price is just over half of the underwire Bra-llelujah.

Spanx is quick to point out that these items are also “airport friendly.” You won’t get caught by security if you have no underwire to trip the metal detectors!