A Must-Have Lingerie List

Oprah's latest pronouncement on best undergarments

The guru of all things female has yet another instruction for the womanly gender: Get some lingerie! Of course, it should be the sexy kind, not just the functional kind. Oprah says this will make any woman feel more confident.

Oprah’s show on lingerie must-haves suggested 5 pieces that every woman should have in her private wardrobe:

  • a date bra
  • a cleavage / plunge bra
  • a strapless bra
  • an elegant camisole
  • and matching panties for those bras.

I’ve got news for Ms Winfrey: at least 2 of those bra types will not work on me, and will likely leave me feeling foolish rather than sexy.

However, let’s debate the merit of the owning (and wearing) sexy lingerie. I have to agree that every woman, no matter what her size, should have at least 2 or 3 sets of bras and panties that make her feel absolutely wonderful. Find a bra that pushes the envelope for you, without leaving you lacking the right support or preferred shape. Explore some suggestive color schemes: for instance, if you don’t have a stunning black bra and black panty, why not? However, don’t get stuck on black. One of the most amazing lingerie sets that I ever owned was a see-through smokey taupe that left my beloved breathless.

Don’t mistake small bras for sexy bras. While some people can wear a balconette or a strapless bra and look like they are ready for James Bond to walk through the door, some women would likely be reduced to giggles just putting on such an item. (Me, for instance.) A bra that provides lots of support can have all the right details to say “come meet me in the bedroom” without leaving your breasts falling out or falling down. Sheer fabrics and lace details can do all the talking for you.

You can also be comfortable and seductive. These states are not mutually exclusive. So, you can choose a lovely, high-cut panty over that thong. While thongs can be interesting, not everyone finds them a comfortable (or appropriate) choice for day-long wear.

You can have lingerie that you only “slip into,” of course. These bras and panties don’t have to stand up to the rigor of a whole day’s wear. It also means they don’t have to meet the standards that you might require of underwear at work. Personally, I don’t like thongs at work. (Maybe it’s a reminder of what Monica Lewinsky used her thong for while she was working.)

Whether you are an Oprah fan or not, I think she’s on the right track by recommending good quality bras and panties for every woman. It doesn’t matter if no one else ever sees them: we know they are there.