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Wonderbra Brings Out A “Finger Design” Strapless Bra

Thursday, June

Strapless bras are often a woman’s worst nightmare. Sometimes uncomfortable and often risky – yet many fashions just don’t look the same without them. In fact, many wedding dresses demand them. I suppose it’s because there’s something alluring about a woman’s bare shoulders – and we know it. The problem is that everything depends on […]

Ultimo Puts Their Lingerie To The Test

Wednesday, June

Lingerie models on roller coasters? Indeed. Ultimo, the European lingerie brand that gave us Mel B. and Peaches Geldof as lingerie models, decided to really put its bras to the test. And what better test of real life situations than a bunch of skimpily clad women in panties and brassieres? Having ridden a few coasters […]

Even Macy’s Knows That Fit Matters

Monday, June

The Macy’s website now hosts a video that helps consumers to fit bras properly. All I can say is: it’s about time! Every large retailer who sells bras should recognize the importance of the right fit. If the bra doesn’t fit well, nothing over it will look right either. As a result, any fashions being […]

The Undie Awards

Tuesday, June

If you follow all things lingerie, you have to know about the Undie Awards. These awards are voted by regular folks (like you and me) in several lingerie categories – including men’s underthings – to determine what bras, panties and unmentionables are most loved by the consumer. This doesn’t mean we are talking about lingerie […]

Molded Cup Bras Do Not Like The Dryer

Friday, June

It had to happen. As the mother of a young family (read: sleep deprived), I am often doing too many things at once. For instance – running after kids, cooking supper and doing laundry all at the same time. That resulted in my latest laundry casualty – one of my molded cup bras. Somehow, it […]