When special occasions – like Valentine’s Day or birthdays – get near, it’s always entertaining to watch men staring through the windows of lingerie stores … wondering what to do next. Bra or lingerie shopping for men is scary! It is hard enough when you go in with a female friend to give you directions, but going in solo is a whole new ballgame!

But don’t worry, guys. Entering a lingerie store on your own may be a bit intimidating in the beginning, but as you get used to this shopping experience, it will be well worth the effort. In other words, don’t just do this once a year! Who says lingerie shops are off-limits to men except at Christmas and Valentine’s Day?

All this reminds me of my father’s shopping habits. As a child, each year without fail there was always one special present for my mom that appeared under the Christmas tree. I never really knew what it was until I got older, only that it was “for adults only.” I always wondered about this package. I knew Santa didn’t bring it, so I suspected it was from my father. He was the only one who would pay someone to wrap his gifts, giving that special box a suspiciously professional look!

As I got older I noticed a pattern. The gift always appeared after my father was out with his male friends shopping. Turns out, the local lingerie store hosted a “men’s night” in which they had female models of different sizes show themselves in the lingerie, while men purchased the pieces in the appropriate sizes for their wives.

As I got older, my father started to let my mom open the package while the kids were in the room. It became a special treat for everyone and an acknowledgement of the love between my parents. Even today, the “special box” still appears each holiday season.

Here’s what I think: Lingerie is the most romantic gift you can offer a woman. Lingerie is worn directly on the skin and represents the sexual connection between men and women. However, it’s only an appropriate gift to give a special someone if you already get naked with her! Otherwise, lingerie is an inappropriate gift that can leave a woman feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Lingerie is a great gift, because both giver and receiver benefit! Your lady receives a treasured luxury item, and you receive the gift of seeing it modeled for you. How can you lose?

When buying lingerie for a female companion, it is recommended that you work your way up (or is that down?). When making your first purchase, buy something that is sexy but not the skimpiest and stringiest thing in the store. You need to keep both the woman’s preferences as well as your own in mind. This makes buying lingerie a kind of exploration: consider what she currently wears, what she likes, and what you like. Then push the boundaries if you dare – but not too far too fast, or things could backfire.

Buying women lingerie early in an intimate relationship is also a good habit. Women feel special when their partners purchase them quality lingerie. With the right choice, this gift leaves them feeling pampered and sexy while adding additional zest to a relationship.

However, if you feel uncomfortable buying lingerie for your loved one, you don’t have to go and embarrass yourself in a store. With the internet, you can make this most personal purchase from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to purchase from a reputable site with a good return policy. It can be tricky to find the correct size for any kind of intimate wear, so keep your receipts and be prepared to make exchanges when you buy online.