How often should I replace my bras?


How often you should replace your bras will depend on many factors. The number of bras you own, the number of times you wear your bras and how often your body changes will help determine your bra replacement cycle.

In general, though, women should assess their collection and think about replacing bras after anywhere from six months to two years of use. If you notice your bras are tearing or the elastic is splitting, this is a sure sign that it’s time for replacement. It doesn’t have to be that drastic though; if your bra is losing its shape, then it isn’t doing anything for you either! And remember, caring for your bras properly will also prolong their lifespan.

While wearing a particular bra for years and years can leave it feeling like your best friend, it’s important to be able to let go. Friends who no longer support you are no friends at all!