Were you aware that this is National Bra Fitting Week? Well, neither was I – until I came across the awareness campaign while doing some research. It turns out that although the week is coming to an end, it’s always good to remind women that proper bra fitting is an important part of good health and comfortable living.

I sympathize with women who struggle with the challenges of finding a bra that fits just right! We have a tendency to be alienated from our bodies often because at a young age we feel uncomfortable about our developing chests. As a result, we get used to wearing the wrong bra sizes during our early teen years and continue fitting bras this way our entire lives! Both stress and weight gain can also make it very difficult to maintain a comfortable fitting bra.

There are lots of local bra shops that offer free professional bra fittings. I recommend getting into one this weekend especially. Statistics across the board say that most of us wear the wrong size bras. Let us work to get all women fitting into the right bra – and next year let’s have a parade to remind us all about National BF Week!