Wash your bra tonight and wear it tomorrow

I kid you not – an inventor from Orange County has developed a nifty new device called the Bra Dryer.

This gadget will allow you to indicate the type of bra (padded or soft cup) and the type of material (from cotton to silk). The concept is fairly simple (if likely to inspire the odd guffaw), which is that drying a bra is best done on a device shaped like human breasts.

bra dryer
Bra Dryer

However, it’s an interesting concept. After all, drying in the proper shape should help to preserve such recent innovations as molded cups.

So, how does a device shaped like a female torso help to dry your bra? The patent-pending device has an infrared heat source that helps promote evaporation, while fans inside provide air currents to move the evaporation away.

The company information claims that this approach will prevent the kind of damage that a conventional dryer does, while speeding up the drying process. However, they also claim it will free up your time because you won’t be drying your bra with a blow dryer.

the bra dryer - dry bras safely without ruining their shape

HUH? I’ve never dried a bra with a blow dryer – unless I had to wash one and was traveling without a backup.

Here’s the cute factor in the Bra Dryer: you have to buy it in your size. No kidding! After all, if your bras are going to retain your shape, the dryer has to be shaped like you too! Breast pieces will come as silicone rubber add-ons in size B to DD. (Did no one tell these folks that a 38D is different than a 32D – even the cup size?) The torso part of the appliance will come in sizes 30-32, 34-36, and so on.

No offense to the makers of this nifty item, but what if a woman changes sizes over the years? Am I going to have to buy new pieces every time I get pregnant, lose weight or gain weight? That seems highly impractical. Here’s hoping that it’s as simple as buying a new cup size or torso piece, and swapping out your original.

It will be interesting to see the price point on this appliance. Their target audience is women who like luxury lingerie. That makes sense: if you spend $200 on a bra, you want it to last for longer than 5 minutes. However, I think it would also be a good investment for women who like molded cup bras. Even $40 bras add up if you have to buy them all the time.

This might just be a very handy tool. You can find out more at the company’s website.