Bigger, Better Bra Choices at Walmart

This may not be haute couture shopping, but I know that everyone walks into a Walmart at one point or another. After all, these stores are everywhere and sometimes the prices are really cheap – although you have to keep your eyes open.

So, I was in there looking for Halloween costumes for my kids. It’s no use spending a ton of money on a costume that they will simply grow out of before next year. Given my occupation as a writer about all things lingerie, I just couldn’t resist stopping to see what I could find in undergarments. After all, you can find some really cute things in a bargain store.

Since I need a fairly large size bra (38DDD or 38F), I usually don’t find anything for me outside of a specialty store. So, I just cruise the aisles and check things out for my readers.

At least, that’s what I did until this past week.

Walmart has brought in a new, reasonably priced line of bras from BL Intimates called Exquisite Form Fully. These little beauties are, as you might guess, for the “fuller busted” woman.

And there, on the rack, was my size: 38DDD.

I couldn’t resist. I tried one on. After all, my readers need to know about these things.

What a lovely bra! It was comfortable and fit well. While it wasn’t anything fancy, it did have a great smooth shape that would be perfect under most people’s work wardrobe.

While the bra was called a “minimizer”, it doesn’t seem to compress the breast too much. This is a good thing as it’s generally not advisable to have your breasts in constant compression. You want your breast tissue to be able to properly drain into the lymph glands in your armpit.  So, unlike other minimizer styles, this is a bra that you could wear daily without worry.

Of course, if you are a regular reader of BraWise, you’ll know that you should really have more than one style and brand of bra though, in order to flatter a variety of clothing. There are also times when a special little something underneath your favorite outfit is exactly what the doctor ordered for a confidence boost. However, if you want a bra that you can grab out of your drawer and slip into that will flatter your curves and keep you comfortable, the Exquisite Form Fully is for you.

I bought two and paid less than $50 tax included. You can’t beat that.