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The original Wonderbra has been a staple in female drawers since its first invention in 1963 by Louise Poirer, a Canadian designer.

Wonderbra company has gone through various stages in its development. After a series of company purchases over the past decades, Wonderbra brand along with Playtex, Bali Intimates, Barely There and Hanes Her Way are all owned and operated under Hanesbrands Inc.
With the introduction of the original Wonderbra Plunge Push-Up Bra in 1963 the brand took off and this particular bra became one of the bestselling styles. Bali introduced the current version of the Wonderbra throughout the United States in 1994.

The design was unique according to Wonderbra USA because it “includes 54 design elements that lifted and supported the bust to create dramatic cleavage.” Following the 1994 introduction, the company was remarketed as providing fashionable and sexy bras for women. Today, in most countries around the world, the brand emphasizes sex appeal.

Wonderbra offers three collections: Wonderbra, the standard collection; Wonderbra Plus, standard collection for active plus-size women, and the Just My Size collection which delivers fit and style for plus-size women looking for great cost value. Customers who wear Wonderbra bras agree that the garments are excellent in shaping breasts by giving them lift and boost. The fabrics are very soft and comfortable and the clasps and straps are strong and hold secure.

For those who complain about sore shoulders and digging lines in straps after wearing their bras, Wonderbra has introduced the Shoulder Spa feature. This feature includes comfort gel strap molds that fit around curves of the woman designed into the bra.