Wacoal Holdings Corp
Kyoto, Japan

Wacoal Bras

Wacoal bras is a Japanese-based maker of women’s intimate apparel and has been in business over the past half century. Wacoal specializes in using stretched fabrics in unique ways, which is vital to the manufacturing of women’s intimate apparel. Wacoal is internationally known for creating some of the best fitting and highest quality bras in the widest range of sizes, including those from 30AA – 42G. Women claim they feel like the bras were made to fit each of them individually because the company’s bras are crafted with such precision and attention to detail.

Wacoal bras come in a vast range of styles, colors and sizes for all different women’s needs. Included in the collection are bras for each and every occasion. Many of the pieces include embroidery and other fine amenities sewn right into the material of the garments.

Select pieces of the Wacoal bra collection were featured on Oprah’s brafitting special which aired in the summer of 2007. Since that show, Wacoal enjoyed a sales surge as more and more women began telling their friends about the Wacoal bra line.

Recently, Wacoal released what they are calling the iBra. The garment has no stitches, no seams and no tags. The iBra claims to be the most comfortable bra ever made, and is available in black, nude, suntan or milk chocolate brown and in sizes from 32B – 36C.