Vogue lingerie plays an important role in the fashion world. The Vogue brand offers women two types of intimate apparel. Both collections, Vogue Bra and Vogue Dessous, are constructed of high quality materials and workmanship, leaving women with superior fit and comfort.

The Vogue Dessous collection is European inspired, offering the fashion-conscious woman the latest trends in undergarments. Styles are ultra-feminine and sensuous for the modern woman’s wardrobe. Many pieces include washed-out transparent patterns and floral embroidery. The fabrics are dramatic, sassy and fun. Colors include the bright blues, hot pinks, oranges and yellows that reflect youth and vitality. The Vogue Dessous range also carries softer pastels such as soft blues, greens or pinks that leave women feeling romantic and luxurious. 

The Vogue Bra collection, on the other hand, includes a wide variety of boxed bras that are designed to be functional and fashionable. The main goal in the Vogue Bra collection is offering woman support garments that are long-lasting and ultra comfortable. They remain classic and stylish as well, however are not available in wide ranges of colors as the Dessous collection is.

Vogue also has a line of sports bras are popular among athletic woman, as they provide different styles of support for various levels of fitness activity. Bras in the sport line are available in standard colors including black, white and grey however the odd one is offered in a wider color range. The athletic Vogue bras come in sizes ranging from A to D cup and band sizes from 32 to 36.

Vogue carries a small number of bras designed for nursing. Only the softest materials are selected so that both you and baby are as comfortable as possible.

Whatever your fancy, Vogue offers a bra for your specific needs that will leave you feeling comfortable and well supported.