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Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret apparel is no secret as the name suggests. Rather, the secret behind the company’s success lies in its ability to create sexy, glamorous and innovative lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is based primarily out of the United States and remains the largest subsidiary (based on sales) of Limited Brands, which owns over 3,750 stores throughout North America.

Established in San Francisco in 1977 by Roy Raymond, the company looked to create an inviting atmosphere that was cozy and similar to a Victorian boudouir. Raymond was a Stanford business school grad who felt embarrassed when he was looking to purchase gifts for his wife in department store environments. Today, the brand is commonly associated with being a welcoming location for men to shop for women’s gifts.

Victoria’s Secret is equally well known for its fashion shows and catalogues which feature top fashion models. The company was acquired by Limited Brands in 1982. In fact, many customers still believe that Victoria’s Secret was of British heritage due to its parent company Limited Brands. With their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, the company operates more than 1,000 stores across the United States alone. Victoria’s Secret lingerie had net annual sales of $3.7 million in 2007.

Victoria’s Secret’s innovative designs allow for a wide variety of bra styles, ranging from everyday styles to must-have sexy pieces.

Recently introduced was the new Victoria’s Secret Flip Reversible Bra series. Available in 6 color combinations, this bra allows one to switch from solid to sexy in seconds! Rather than owning two bras, now the company has given women the ability to simply flip the fabric inside out ,allowing for a wider variety of prints in our fashion collections.

And for you eco-girls, Victoria’s Secret introduced what they call their Pink Line, which includes garments designed using only environmentally friendly components. The designs are aimed at a younger audience and the company will introduce new styles that will complement the collection. For example, classic fabrics in the line include organic cotton or Australian wool.