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Trying to find a bra for a teenager can be a difficult thing, as their bodies are not the same size or shape as a full-grown woman. Teenform bras are a wonderful choice for girls who are looking to wear their first bras. They combine a surprising level of comfort and style in their basic designs.

Teenform Inc began in 1984 and has its headquarters in Lyndhurst, N.J. Since the company is a division of Wacoal, one can also expect the garments to be designed with the highest level of quality on the market. There are a variety of collections available, from sports, convertible and soft-cup options. Teenform bras are the first choice in teenage bras!

Girls are both nervous and excited about getting their first bras, and Teenform makes the process go as easy and smooth as possible. Bras are available in A cups, from band sizes 32 to 36. They are designed to grow with the developing body and are made of elastic materials so that they remain comfortable throughout the process. One can even find feminine details like lace and ribbon on the bras if they so desire. Prices are also reasonable as Teenform understands that a girl will have to change bra sizes every few months until they work their way into a woman’s A cup.

Teenform’s Nylon “My First Bra” is a popular choice for young women, as it is designed using a smooth and soft Gro-Cup that easily adjusts to the body’s gradual development. This piece is made from 100% Dupont Stretch Nylon.