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“My shoes are in fashion, my jeans are in fashion… why not my bra?” asks Playtex Intimate Apparel Inc., the makers of comfortable, stylish bras for women. Playtex bras are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. From fancy in lace, to simple plain styles, Playtex has one that will suit all supportive needs. The Playtex bra line is respected for its ability to offer stylish pieces of lingerie at reasonable prices.

Playtex Apparel was founded by Abram Nathaniel Spanel, an inventor with over 2,000 different patents. In 1932, he established International Latex Co., now known as Playtex International, with the money he collected from a previous successful invention.

Playtex creates bras designed for comfort and style. Their bras are designed to fit women as their bodies change throughout their lifetime. The collection includes first bras for girls right through to women after they bear children and beyond as they age. With comfort in mind, Playtex bras are built for feeling exceptionally comfortable against the skin. The bras fits and feel good from the time you put them on, to the time you take them off. It is a wise idea to purchase several pieces as many coordinate to create beautiful lingerie sets.

Playtex has designed a new collection known as Half Size Too bras for women who have trouble fitting into standard cup sizes. This line offers bras that are either slightly larger or slightly smaller than the traditional cup size. As a result, women experience one-of-a-kind fitting bras.

Playtex was the first bra brand to advertise on a national level through television commercials back in 1954. They marketed themselves as creators of “great-fitting bras and a touch of humor,” quotes Vicki Seawright, marketing director for Playtex.

Playtex made headlines with the launch of their newest and most expensive multimillion-dollar marketing campaign known as “Girl Talk”, in which confident women of all ages and body types discuss their breasts while wearing Playtex bras. They used euphemisms such as “the girls” and quote that they are searching for a comfortable bra that fits well and will “keep the girls happy.”