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Moving Comfort

Moving Comfort believes that “a fit woman is a powerful woman” and they make high-performance athletic bras exclusively designed for females. It is vital that bras fit well and feel great under tough workout conditions because this encourages women to stay fit and keep active. Moving Comfort wants to keep women active so that they will be healthy in the long term.

Moving Comfort established themselves in 1977 when they saw an increasing population of women joining sports clubs and taking part in fitness activities. Till this time, it was uncommon to find well-fitting sports apparel specifically made for women. Clothing at the time was available in either men’s or unisex – leaving women to choose one or the other. It was apparent that women did not fit into all types of unisex or men’s clothing, so Moving Comfort was born.

Today, the company distributes their clothing through many retailers worldwide. Moving Comfort offers women a variety of types of sports bras including: front closures, racer backs, seamless, and underwire options. Women should be able to find a sports bra that suits their specific needs and styles. Select bras also offer adjustable straps so custom shoulder sizes can be altered.

Moving Comfort bras are able in both black and white, as well as a selection of colors ranging among the different styles. The fabrics used are high-performance and work to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The material flexes as you flex and keeps its shape and stretch over time. The design lines offer superior fit and support. The densely packed threads minimize chafing during movement.

Moving Comfort has been successful worldwide and has gained a valuable reputation in the athletic industry.