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Lulu Lemon

Sports bras are a fitness staple. No matter what the current trend this season, they are vital to our active success. Competing against major fitness giants such as Nike or Adidas, LuluLemon Athletica bras were a voluptuous hit among all sizes of active women! These fitness wizards have created a wide variety of styles for various occasions. Whether you’re a small or large-breasted women participating in low or high-impact fitness activities, LuluLemon has designed one for you!

LuluLemon Athletica bras were born in Vancouver, Canada back in 2000 when creator Chip Wilson decided that it was time for a change in yoga clothing from sweaty cotton to technical athletic fabrics. Although LuluLemon bras are designed with yoga activities in mind, we use them for all athletic activities. Readers have come together and agreed that the bras never chafe and do an amazing job at holding our breasts in place while at the same time remaining fashionable and sexy.

LuluLemon’s yoga bras are made from a LuluLemon Athletica fabric known as “luon”. Contained in this mixture are 14% stretchy fibers, which shape perfectly around all curves of the female body. The garments remain sexy throughout wear and tear, as they never become too baggy nor constrictive. Their styles are colorful and fashionable, as well as of high-quality craftsmanship. LuluLemon has won over many females’ hearts and the products are rapidly spreading across all corners of the globe.

A personal favorite of users of LuluLemon Athletica is their Marathon Bra. Runners know first-hand the importance of keeping everything together when on a power jog. This maximum support bra with racer-style back is chafe-free as it is designed with flat seams. There is a four-way stretch system developed using a wet-wicking, quick-dry material. This bra keeps one dry while maintaining a cool and fresh fit.

Another favorite is the Heart Beat Bra. This particular model is effective in eliminating a sports-bra-plus-heart-rate-monitor-band combo. Instead, one can fit a heart rate device right into the bra. While providing great support as well as sending off vital technical information to your heart rate monitor, the Heart Beat Bra was a supportive success. Be aware, ladies, that the bra and heart rate monitor are sold separately.