Lou bras are ultra feminine and sexy. Who needs to bat your eyelashes and flirt when you’re wearing a Lou bra – it does the flirting for you! With intense detail and artistic design, Lou will make you feel exceptionally gorgeous when wearing the garments. Pieces are based on the latest trends and styles and change accordingly to reflect customers’ desires.

There are a variety of colors and patterns available and many of the extras, including ribbons and bows, are contrast colors to the overall. Sizes are also available in a wide range from 32A to 38F so many women can wear the collection.

There are three main collections produced by Lou, each including beautiful bras for all sizes and shapes of women.

The first collection is the Rendez-Vous line. Pieces have immaculate detail and floral print panels. They are ultra feminine and beautifully sexy. Characteristics of this line are the bows and matching ribbons with lace accents.

The second line offered is known as the Bucolique collection. This line includes bras that are made using vibrant materials and colors. The details again are exceptionally beautiful. Many of these bras, you’re not going to want to cover up! The delicate stitching on the bras is a characteristic of the Bucolique style.

The third collection is known as Ingenue. These bras are built using a fine mesh that is geared towards women looking for sexy style. Each bra includes rich floral embroidery with matching accents.

Although not as heavily advertised as many of their competitors, Lou bras live up to the standards of women looking for high-fashion undergarments. Each piece is exceptionally beautiful and will stand out, leaving you feeling sexy and confident.