Jacob Inc.
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Ville Saint-Laurent, Que.
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Jacob brand is the preferred label for women who love a luxurious look at an affordable price. The Jacob Lingerie portion is an extension of the Jacob clothing line and is often conveniently located beside the clothing shop in malls. Jacob Lingerie is no grandma’s underwear store. Rather it is a popular brand for modern women to consider when choosing their bras.

Jacob Lingerie stores are found coast to coast across Canada and the United States. They offer the modern woman sexy and comfortable lingerie pieces designed for everyday use, but are also intimate enough for those special occasions.

Jacob Lingerie gives women the opportunity to buy unique garments that are manufactured in environments that respect the rights of workers. The company also considers their environmental footprint when it comes to the production of their products and their ecological consequences.

Many bras include fine detailed stitching on delicate fabrics and quality-built seams. Their colors and styles run seasonally and change with the current trends and fashion styles. The colors range from vivid and bold, to more neutral pastel tones.

Women also love the names of the lingerie pieces because they’re fun and hip! For example, names like raspberry sherbet, mint chocolate chip or blueberry are common on product tags. There are not a lot of styles of bras available at Jacob Lingerie, but the options available are reasonably priced. Many of the styles are offered in a large variety of colors, so many women find a bra they love and buy more than one! Jacob’s lingerie is both trendy and cozy, not to mention stylish and timeless.