Hanro of Switzerland
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Gotzis, Austria
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Hanro of Switzerland prides itself as being the designer of the world’s finest lingerie. They remain very traditional and are based on rich designs and styles. Internationally, they are known for their distinctive creativity, timeless style and fashionable design. Hanro believes that women’s lingerie is an “expression of their personalities and a signal of their senses”.

Hanro’s designs reflect the latest trends but are strongly linked to classic traditions in women’s lingerie. They have been in the market for a long period of time earning them a reputable status. Today, many competitive designers look to them for inspiration.

The woman’s essential collection offered by Hanro includes bras for various occasions, however the brand focuses on comfort and eveningwear styles. The company uses only the richest fabrics and detailed stitching on the bras. Many of the bras are constructed out of mirco-fiber pieces and have extremely smooth seam-lines so that they go unnoticed through the tightest clothing. Garments are designed to feel like a second skin, clinging to every curve of the body.

Woman who wear Hanro bras agree that they are simply the perfect bras! One woman who reviewed the Hanro Egyptian Cotton Bra, gave it an overall rating of 5 out of 5. Not only is this bra breathable, comfortable and lightweight, its best uses are for daily wear activities. “It is the next best thing to going braless,” she writes, as it provides extreme comfort and adequate light support.