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Gossard has been described as the “brand with attitude!” Gossard feels that women should treat themselves often to comfortable, quality pieces of lingerie that make them feel fantastic. They are one of the most well-known lingerie brands in the world and have been in the lingerie market since 1901. Gossard is confident that their bras are built to fit all ages and sizes of women properly.

The company’s collections are designed using only the most brilliant fabrics that are colorful and vibrant and at the same time built to remain comfortable and supportive. Bras in their lines are well crafted and built to last through the years. The bra designs, styles and trends change each year but always remain feminine and luxurious. Gossard also is sure to make their bras available to women at lower prices than designer brands.

Gossard offers a variety of classic lines with fine detail and patterns for special occasions. For women who have a favorite era they wish they could have lived through, Gossard has your dreams covered. For a ‘50s inspired look, Gossard recommends their Ruby range, which come complete with a vintage floral design. The colors and tones of the fabric will make a woman feel young, classic and stylish in her garments.

Today, Gossard lingerie pieces are sold in over 45 countries worldwide. They’re most known for their push-up bras as they feature delicate center fronts for an overall look that makes an impression! With lace overlays and seamless options, these bras are a brilliant addition to any woman’s lingerie collection.

For women with smaller breasts, Gossard offers an inflatable bra known as the Ultrabra Airotic. Yes, you read that correctly! This bra gives women the option to pump it up depending on their mood or fashion. It allows you to get noticed when you want to get noticed! The finger pump is even included! Gossard really has thought out every woman’s situation.