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Felina has been in the lingerie, corsetry and swimwear business for over 120 years and over time has gained valuable experience in custom fitting women. Felina remains today a family-owned American business, and some of the most beautiful women’s intimate apparel comes out of their design studios. The overall styles are European designer-inspired, but available at affordable prices.

With recent media coverage including a segment on Oprah, Felina has established itself today as one of the America’s top labels of classic women’s intimate apparel.

The origins of Felina’s designs are inspired by nature alone. Their website describes the design ideas as “a flower is translated to lace embroidery. The feel of a rose petal inspires the touch of fabric. Color is influenced by the vibrancy of a garden or the glow of a pearl.” Each piece of nature work together to create a sexy, comfortable and supportive bra.

Many items offered would be considered fashion pieces. With the extreme detail and fine artistic design brought into each piece, it is no surprise that women love Felina bras. The lace designs are brought in from France, embroideries from Switzerland and gorgeous fabrics from Germany. When pieces come together, women would agree that the designs available from Felina are stylish, modern and classic.

For women who love pretty things, it is worth checking out Felina’s collection of bras. With their fine attention to detail, each piece is crafted into a beautiful garment of artwork. Many of these bras are pieces that you will want to show off on special occasions. Treating oneself to fine lingerie makes a woman feel beautiful from the inside out.