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Fashion Forms

Fashion Forms bras are available in an extremely wide variety of styles, built for each and every top or dress solution. From bras to adhesive bras, the company has created bras for both small and full-figured women.

The Fashion Forms line was founded by Ann Deal, a woman passionate about women’s intimate apparel. Much of her time is spent looking for new shapes and designs of bras for various occasions and fashion solutions.

Fabrics are soft and comfortable, and include many hidden features such as small pockets. Many of the bras are convertible so one piece can adapt to various fashion ranges.

Fashion Forms carries styles that are uncommon in the bra market. One of the favorites is the U-Plunge Bra, which offers an extremely deep plunging between the breasts, while at the same time providing lift and shape. Now women can wear those extremely low-cut tops and dresses while keeping their breasts supported and firm. Pockets on the sides also allow for the insertion of pads for extreme cleavage.

Another favorite style is the Extreme Silicone Plunge Bra which includes adhesive pieces that can be reused up to 10 times. This type of bra is perfect for halter tops, backless or strapless designs. A lightly lined padding provides lift while the plunge design promotes cleavage.

Fashion Forms also has a large line of bra accessory items available which allow for complete customization. Accessories include: designer bra straps, clear side connector straps, bra clasp extensions and water/air/silicone/pad push-up pads, breast petals, and strap padding. Ann Deal claims she really has thought of every solution for every occasion when it comes to women’s intimate apparel.

The bras in the collections come in basic colors that include black, white, and shades of nude. These bras are designed purely for function and comfort.