Fantasie of England

Fantasie of England is highly respected for their commitment in producing beautiful lingerie available in a wide range of larger cup sizes. The company was established over 70 years ago and remains an industry leader in the intimate apparel trade today for fuller-figured women.

As a result of their fine engineering and design, Fantasie bras are able to take pressure off women’s shoulders while simultaneously balancing the weight of the breasts equally against the body. Using what the company refers to as a “powernet” fabric in the sides of the bras, coupled with a soft boning on the cup edge, breasts stay firm and perky while in a Fantasie of England bra.

Another feature embedded within Fantasie of England bras is their “restricted stretch” straps. This feature allows necessary stretching in the bra straps, but keeps our bodies under control without having to worry about straps falling down over time.

Fantasie of England also offers pieces for bridal occasions, allowing for a confident and supported bride on her wedding day. With the option of larger sizes available, fuller-figured women are turning to Fantasie of England from all corners of the globe.

Bras offered by the company remain extremely sexy and stylish for the modern women who care about trend and romantic glamour. Each bra is constructed to precisely fit your body and provide you with the utmost of comfort. Adding a variety of the styles offered to your wardrobe will give you the pieces you need to get away with any look you wish to achieve.

These bras are also built to last. When taken care of according to manufacturer’s instructions, don’t be surprised if these bras stick around for years to come.