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Paris, France
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Eres is headquartered in Paris, France. It was back in 1968 when Irène Laroux came up with the revolutionary idea of expanding a small, family-owned swimsuit boutique. During this time there were no other shops that stocked swimwear collections the whole year. The brand was immediately recognized for its modern style and natural look.

Each year a collection was released and word-of-mouth spread. Since then, over 600 sale points throughout the world have welcomed the brand and new boutiques have opened as a result.
It was in 1998 when Irène decided to fulfill her line of lingerie. The pieces were designed with a specific look in mind. Much like the swimsuit collection, they were luxurious yet simple, feminine and refined. Light fabrics are selected that gently stroke the body, while providing unmatchable support. With precision in mind, customers seem to love Eres’ seasonal collections.

These pieces are gorgeous. Each design is unique in its own way. They are so simple and classic that a variety of women could get away selecting the pieces. The collections include simple hints of lace, delicate fabrics and detailing. It is worth checking out the beautiful pieces at the company’s website listed above.