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Date Founded
Montreal, Canada


Elita is one of Canada’s leading active-body fashion brands. The styles are designed for trendy women who are looking for maximum comfort, yet wish to have natural-looking contours. Clean lines and incomparable quality are features which separate Elita bras from their competitor companies. Their bras have very feminine designs and are created out of innovate fabrics and high-tech designs for all figure types.

Women who wear Elita bras agree that the company holds firm to its philosophy of distributing “comfort, style and unprecedented designs” to women, as their website states. As the months pass, Elita’s products are gaining attention across North America and are being distributed as demanded.

Health care centers have recommended Elita bras, especially those from the Silk Magic and Les Essentiels lines for women who are in post-surgery phases or are wearing prosthetic breasts. Doctors have long recommended these collections, as they are extremely soft and supportive for women with these special needs.

Ellita has recently narrowed in on the teen market as they saw potential growth for young women. As a result, Elita designed the a collection known as Elita Freestyle. The overall designs of the collection include exciting, free-living and fun fashion pieces. The colors are vibrant and the fabric patterns follow the latest seasonal trends.

You say you’re a fan of luxury? Elita’s Luxe collection features pieces which are designed for those who want the comfort and fit of Elita products, but with the designer-inspired styles. Many pieces in this collection are seamless under clothing and all are built with exceptional quality and materials.

Stay tuned with Elita products, as they are growing quickly due to their success of following the demands of the feminine lingerie market. In Elita’s eyes, this market includes women of all ages, shapes, sizes and needs.