Calvin Klein Inc
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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear was formed in 1982 and has forever changed the way the world views intimate garments. Today, they are known globally as one of the finest designers of both men’s and women’s intimate apparel. Their headquarters are located in New York City.

Calvin Klein Inc. was originally launched in 1968 by Calvin Richard Klein. Calvin Klein began the underwear line in 1982 for men, and 1983 for women. Today, the Calvin Klein Underwear brand stretches to over 21 countries and touches the bodies of over 98 million people annually.

Calvin Klein bras are designed for modern comfort, leaving women feeling stylish and refined. The basic designs are exceptionally comfortable and sexy. Each piece is constructed of the highest quality materials. Calvin Klein bras are designed to perfection so that they will preserve the brand’s standard of excellence.

There is a wide range of bras available in the CKU collection that accommodate the wide variety of fashion styles available in women’s closets.  Basic bra colors are available in black, white and nude, yet select styles are much more colorful and detailed. The bras offer women clean silhouettes, day pieces and sexy lace evening garments with satin touches. Pieces are designed for the trend-forward customer looking for select prints and styles.

The collections offered by Calvin Klein Underwear are vast. Products range from athletic, to sexy lace, to delicate detail and everyday wear. Plenty of choices for those looking for classic, long-lasting pieces for intimate apparel!