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Montreal, Canada
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B.B. Curves

B.B. Curves, from Vestiny Apparel Inc., is based out of Montreal, Canada. Short for “bold and beautiful curves,” B.B. Curves is known for its large-cup bra line, offering women some of the most fashionable and glamorous intimate apparel.

The company has designed a each piece with superior comfort, beauty and quality in mind. The company uses only the softest, most comfortable fabrics in their designs. With a team of expert designers, the company developed its product line after discovering that women will fuller busts were unhappy with the primitive bra designs available for their larger needs.

As women today are developing larger breasts at younger and ages, B.B. Curves has stepped in to offer these women exactly what they desire. Rather than an old-fashioned support bra, B.B. Curves offers vibrant colors and fine detail designs, as well as trendy pieces designed for perfect fit and support.

At present, B.B. Curves has put forward four collections: Letizia, Glamour Curves, Delicate Dreams and Sweet Sensation. The Letizia collection boasts fine details and scrolled embroidery, including up the straps. Each piece is so beautiful, one may choose not to cover it up!

The Glamour Curves collection consists of smooth, molded and sleekly padded cups. These bras are perfect for wearing under tight-fitting clothing or T-shirts. Many are convertible and work under most styles of clothing. The Glamour Curves collection is available in the essential colors of black and nude.

Sweet Sensation and Delicate Dreams are built with the lace-lover in mind. These pieces are constructed of the finest lace and transparency fabrics, leaving any body feeling at their sexiest and finest. Again, these bras are exceptionally beautiful and delicate.