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Types of Bras

Tuesday, February

Confused about bra styles? Here’s the BraWise guide to help you determine what style bra you are looking for, so that you can tell one from another while shopping. Balconet / Balconnette: If you are looking for a bra with wide-set straps, leaving a little front coverage, the balconette is a good choice. The bra […]

Bra Fitting Guide

Sunday, February

Basic steps to find your proper bra size There are two key components to consider when fitting your bra correctly: One is band size and the other is cup size. On each bra you’ll find a band size written as a number (ie. 32, 34, 36) and a cup size written as a letter (A, […]

Bra Fitting Problems

Saturday, February

You might think that once you hit your 20’s and know your bra size, you know it for life. You’d be wrong. Most women will have an ill-fitting bra at some point in their lives. We’ve all been there with an unexpected weight gain or loss, or the joys (and body changes) of pregnancy and […]

Bra Fabric Guide

Thursday, February

Historically, undergarments have usually been white, but as time moved forward, one could find bras available in just about every color and fabric. Today, it’s important to have some fun with your lingerie collection, especially when it comes to color and texture. Among your collection you should own a few specialty bras in particular: A […]

Bra Shopping Mistakes

Monday, February

Avoid these common traps – and enjoy your bras! We can all be creatures of habit, especially with our bras. Without ever realizing what mistakes we make, we continue purchasing our bras and lingerie the same way – the wrong way. Here are six common mistakes that you can easily avoid. We buy the same […]