Here’s some interesting news: 40 per cent of Australian women wear bras that are cup size DD or bigger.

This is a huge change in just a couple of generations. In the 1950’s, most women wore a B; that’s substantially less than today’s DD.

UK’s Sunday Telegraph says that the modern woman’s breasts are now so large that some bra manufacturers have introduced standard offerings in cup sizes as large as K.

Unfortunately, it’s not good news for females in general. Most experts are blaming the blooming cleavage on obesity, hormonal contraception and other artificial hormones.

I’ve certainly noticed that more brands of bras and more retailers are carrying bras with those bigger cup sizes – because it’s getting easier and easier for me to find that 38DDD bra on the shelves. Lingerie labels are catching on too: both Berlei and Triumph are now offering some styles with cups as large as G, while Fayreform, Freya and Le Mystere have some styles in cups up to size J.

No pun intended, but larger size bras are a growing market. Growing markets tend to get the attention of manufacturers.

It’s not just the overweight who need those larger cup sizes. There is a need for larger cup sizes for women with smaller band sizes too.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr Mark Goyen, of Sydney Australia said that his rate of doing breast reductions has doubled. This is an indicator of the number of women who are looking to stop buying that DD. Some of this is age and weight related; some is not.

Another culprit that medical professionals are pointing at is artificial hormones. Artificial hormones include the wide variety of chemicals and substances that we have introduced into the biosphere that mimic estrogen. They can be found in food, plastics and cosmetics.

More estrogen means bigger breasts.

Birth control pills are another contributor to larger breasts. Again, the additional estrogen found in some pills is to blame.

Regardless of the reason, we are finding more options on the shelves of our favorite lingerie stores. This should be a comfort to women who are large busted – and still want to look good.