Bras With Respect For The Smaller Bust

Here’s another lingerie manufacturer who is specializing in undergarments for the petite. Itty Bitty Bra focuses exclusively on cup sizes from AA to B. They claim to provide you with the unique fit that is desired by women from size 32AA to 38B.

I love their approach: it’s fun and carefree while still focusing on a real women and their real needs. Take their Signature bra: it’s light on padding and features a hidden underwire to keep the bra lying sleek to the body. It comes in a selection of colors that will discreetly hide under your clothes, without being too showy. This is a perfect business bra.

I know from other women who are small breated that not everyone who is a smaller cup size thinks that they MUST have padding. In fact, some would rather celebrate their assets, as opposed to do the equivalent of make excuses for them.

And why shouldn’t they? It’s that kind of confidence and class that appears to be part of the philosophy behind Itty Bitty Bra (or IBB for short).

Then there’s the Couture bra. These bras are both sexy and sophisticated: the bra itself is made with a light mesh print fabric, and there is a rhinestone set in the middle where the cups join. The prints are designed to get attention! The leopard print is particularly fun.

IBB also has camisoles sized correctly for the smaller breasted. These come in the same polka dot or leopard print of the Couture bra, or more discreet chocolate brown or black.

For all those lovely bras, you can buy a matching panty! The one downfall (from my perspective) is that the only panty style is the thong. It would be nice to see some more demure high-cut panties for when you aren’t looking for butt floss.

These bras seem to be collecting a following! After reading the Testimonials on the site, I’d have to say that these folks are onto something.

Be ready for the price though. These are grown-up bras and you get to pay a grown-up price.