Bras for those who hate them

It’s a truly new style of bra, which completely avoids the need for a band around a woman’s chest. Instead, the bra creates an “X” on the back, and adjusts through straps at the back and sides.

If it sounds unusual, it is.

This new undergarment is the work of Canadian and Quebec native Thérèse Légère – a professional seamstress and dancer, who was fed up with uncomfortable bras. In fact, Légère says “I was ready to pull [my bra] off by 10 o’clock in the morning!”

Many of us can sympathize but what is the alternative? Not all of us have the perky breasts of a Cameron Diaz (who resolved to actually start wearing a bra this year – again.)

Légère’s answer to discomfort is a creation called ZeeBraz (formerly the Liberty Bra). Zeebraz don’t look like anything you’ve worn before. The whole fit of the bra is based on 4 adjustable straps. Légère claims that this garment allows you to have better circulation as well as more freedom to move and breathe. (She should know – she wears her own creation and still works as a professional dance instructor.)

Légère actually claims a number of benefits, including:

  • No shoulder slippage.
  • A more natural shape to the breast.
  • Less breast compression.
  • No breast spillage from underneath the cup.

Légère also believes that a regular bra poses a health hazard if it is too tight around the chest. She argues that the lymphatic systems needs to drain in order to remove toxins from the area. Since movement does the draining (the lymphatic system has no independent muscles of its own), if there’s restricted movement – particularly with breathing – because of a tight bra, then the draining is restricted.

Légère’s design credentials are good ones. She’s studied everything from haute couture to making men’s jackets. Her mother was also a professional seamstress, so perhaps it’s in the blood. Her studies in ballet and dance didn’t hurt either – if anyone is aware of the need for movement, a dancer is.

A little bit of feminist sensibilities added to the mix. Légère says, “We’ve always been told that we have to have lifted, pushed-up breasts. Says who?” As a result, Légère’s creation cradles the breasts in a more natural shape rather than forcing them into the shape of the bra.

Don’t worry: Légère’s not out to get rid of all other bras. She says that different bras work in different situations and that her bras are the more casual end of the spectrum – for when you need comfort and movement.

Interested? Zeebraz cater to different phases of a woman’s life, with nursing bras as well as sizes from 34A to 50E. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to what you’re wearing now, you have a good chance of getting one in your size.