Honestly, dear reader – I could not make this stuff up.

Our latest entertaining piece of news comes out of Slovenia, where lingerie manufacturer Lisca has taken a whole new take on a bra to help you find a husband. (This is hot on the heels of underwear giant, Triumph, releasing its answer to the biological clock: it’s a bra with a clock that wont stop ticking until you put an engagement ring in it.) Well, enter the Smart Memory Bra, which alters its shape when the female wearer is “aroused”.

If your body temp goes up (which would happen when the skin flushes in response to a enticing suitor), your bra will then push your breasts together to create more cleavage! If you cool, so does your bra – and your silhouette. The designer, Suzana Gorisek, says that the advantage is this automatic sizing based on temperature: “As a woman’s body changes, so the size of the bra changes.”

This interesting addition to the “boy meets girl” wardrobe was invented as a bit of an accident. The original intent was to have the garment respond to the weather! However, the heat sensitive cups were much more in tune with the wearer than the barometric pressure.

Interestingly, the goal behind the Smart Memory Bra was to provide a perfect fit at all times. In fact, a company spokesperson was quoted as saying: “It’s healthier than an ordinary bra because it will always provide the perfect fit.”

Which leads me to wonder what effect the weather has on how my lingerie should fit. I was always sure it had more to do with my body shape, but maybe that’s just old school.

Lisca is looking for distributors in Europe, but says that there is a lot of interest so far. They shouldn’t have too much trouble: they are the biggest maker of lingerie in Eastern Europe.