Well, like many inventions that sound too good to be true, the Brassage has turned out to be a scam.

The Brassage was supposed to ensure that you could wear that properly-fitted bra, and avoid any issues with lymph drainage from the breasts. There are sources out there who argue that wearing a bra can mean that breasts don’t do what they are supposed to do – and that the normal lymph drainage of your “girls” can be compromised.

The answer? The Brassage by Christina Erteszek. The Brassage was a bra with cushions to massage the breasts on each side, to help the breasts eliminate toxins and stay healthy.

At least, that was the argument.

It all sounded good – until ABC News decided to do some investigation on this great new garment. There are a number of issues regarding the Brassage and its marketing campaign:

  1. There’s no data or studies to indicate that toxins are accumulating in the breasts every day. This was one of the major reasons that women were encouraged to wear the bras – by the Brassage advertising promotions.
  2. The marketing material also said that the Brassage was doctor designed. This turned out to be a significant stretch of the truth, as the garment was actually designed by a chiropractor. While chiropractors are traditionally called “Doctor” by their patients, they are a doctor of chiropractic: they are not an MD.

Dr Susan Love, a professor of surgery at David Geffen School of Medicine, commented: “I would love to have a way to prevent breast cancer…. But we need hard science to answer these questions.”

Reputable online retailer, Gaiam, was carrying the Brassage. It has dropped the lingerie line like a hot rock. If you search for the term “Brassage” on the Gaiam site, you get a message which simply says that they were unable to locate the product for which you were searching.