La Vie En Rose Puts Magnetic Bra On The Market

Here’s an interesting innovation in bras: magnetic closures.

It’s designed to be easy to clip on and take off. It also closes at the front leaving the wearer with a smoother look across her back.

Magnetic Attraction was released to the market in early September. The company behind it is La Vie En Rose, a well-known Canadian lingerie retailer. “We wanted to do something new and innovative,” said spokewoman Candice Pantin.

It’s not actually the first magnetic bra. Celebrity stripper Dita Von Teese has a lingerie collection with Wonderbra that also features a magnetic closure bra. However, Von Teese’s bras are marketed as quick release: not so the styles from La Vie En Rose.

La Vie En Rose has three styles of magnetic closure bras: Boost push-up, Daily lightly padded and Au Naturel unpadded. Each bra sells for $33.95 (Canadian). These are bras designed for your regular life, however: they are not frilly underthings that drop away at the merest touch. Do they do the trick?

Both small and large busted testers tried these bras under a variety of conditions. One tester, Ashley Shortall, is a 36D and a former Newfoundlander who loves to jig. Her comment? “I jigged as hard as I could and the bra didn’t budge.” Even better, Shortall says that the Daily bra is comfortable and gives a lot of support.

Sarah Kurchak is a personal trainer who wears a 34A. She tested the Boost model with some high impact sports training – including plyometrics and Muay Thai. Her comment? “The clasp didn’t budge at all.”

While the women liked the strength of the closure, men were thrown off. John Koplimae was handed a bra to try to open in an informal man-on-the-street interview. His comment? “I can’t flick it open.”

Shortall’s boyfriend, Pat Conway, says, “It just takes a little muscle.”

Which brings us to a great idea: for parents of teenagers who want to frustrate over-enthusiastic dates, this bra could do the trick! (Of course, that’s assuming that your daughter isn’t completely cooperating with the amorous suitor).

There could be many creative uses of this bra too: one woman went through an entire workout with her locker key stuck to the outside of her shirt, proving that the magnet could have some novel applications.

Source: Toronto Star